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Put All of Energy Into One Task and Skyrocket Your Result

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

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Feeling like you're caught in the slow lane of productivity? Do your tasks seem to drag on endlessly? If you're looking to speed up your journey towards your goals and amplify your productivity, there's a solitary strategy you need to know. I'll guide you through this transformative approach in this blog post.

The Power of One Thing

We're all guilty of juggling multiple tasks throughout our day. However, this is exactly where the problem lies. By scattering our energy across numerous tasks, we end up depleting our energy reserves for the tasks that truly matter, subsequently slowing down our progress.

Take, for instance, adopting the routines of successful people - morning jogs, meditation, cold showers, reading, weight lifting, and so forth. While these habits are inspiring and often leave us feeling good, they can consume our energy, leaving us with little to focus on the things that really matter.

So, if you're looking to achieve high-quality results efficiently, you need to identify what truly matters and concentrate on that one thing that is the most important to you. Channel all your energy into this most significant task. Always remember, "Less is more."

Essentialism, less is better

Take a look at the image above. Let's assume both circles represent 100 units of energy. The circle on the left is distributing 10 units of energy across 10 different activities, while the circle on the right is focusing all 100 units of energy on one activity. It's clear that the circle on the right achieves faster and better results.

Remember, only a few things genuinely matter, not everything.

Quality Over Quantity

Most people are trapped in the mindset of thinking, "How can I fit one more task into my day?" Instead, the question you should be asking is, "How can I remove one more task?" Filling your day with more tasks isn't the answer if you're looking for exceptional results.

Prioritize Your Tasks

What is the goal you're striving to achieve at work? If you feel like your progress is sluggish or you're looking to speed things up, you must identify the crucial tasks and prioritize them. Consider outsourcing the less critical tasks. For example, if you're an entrepreneur just starting your business, your most crucial task would likely be product development. While you may also need to handle marketing, website creation, video editing, or content writing, among other things, many of these tasks can be effectively delegated to freelancers. This way, you can concentrate on the essential tasks that are absolutely necessary. By investing more time and effort into a select few things, such as developing outstanding products, you can achieve better and faster results. Always ask yourself, "What is important right now?"

Eliminate Obstacles

To achieve excellent results at work and make progress quicker, think of the tasks that slow down your progress. Are these tasks really necessary? If you remove them, will it positively impact your work?

Think about your closet, for instance. You might have many clothes you don't wear, and to make more space, you need to discard those clothes. Instead of asking, "Will I wear this in the future?" ask yourself, "Do I love this? Does it look good on me?" This way, you can save energy on unnecessary things and redirect that energy to your priority tasks.

Remember, almost everything is not important. Remove obstacles to achieve great results.

Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Work

The 80/20 rule, also known as Pareto's Law, states that 80 percent of outcomes result from 20 percent of all causes. This rule applies across multiple contexts:

  • 80 percent of profits come from 20 percent of clients or products.

  • 80 percent of problems arise from 20 percent of the causes.

  • 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of the work and time.

In terms of removing obstacles, identifying and focusing on the 20 percent of work that leads to 80 percent of the results can drastically improve your output.

The Myth of Multitasking

Can you truly multitask without compromising the quality of your work? While we can effortlessly perform two tasks simultaneously, such as listening to podcasts while driving or texting while watching movies, can we genuinely devote the same level of effort to both activities at once?

The answer is likely no. So, why not focus on doing one task at a time, but doing it exceptionally well? This is the secret to boosting your productivity by 1000x. It's time to embrace the power of single-tasking.


Remember, the journey to amplified productivity is not about adding more tasks to your day, but rather about focusing on what truly matters. Choose quality over quantity, prioritize, eliminate obstacles, and avoid multitasking. Your productivity is bound to skyrocket.

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