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What Made You No Self-Esteem? You're Not Worthless

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Insecure man his classmates laugh at him

Self-esteem can be an elusive trait for many. Are you constantly questioning your worth, or do you often find yourself trapped in the web of negative self-perception? Trust me; you're not alone. However, it's time to cut the crap, stand tall, and embrace the journey to self-love and confidence.

Unraveling the Knots of Self-Doubt

Why Do You Feel Unworthy?

Let's stop and ask - where is this feeling of unworthiness stemming from?

It could be haunted memories from your past, maybe your school days, or perhaps your professional life. Surrounded by seemingly superior individuals? Did you feel the sting of defeat? These experiences can unknowingly sew the seeds of self-doubt and negativity.

I Wasn't Good Enough Until Realized

I'll share a personal anecdote here. I struggled with sports, feeling like everyone was better than me. This experience fostered negative thoughts, making me believe I wasn't good enough for anything. But you know what? Screw that shit. This is how I feel now. Because during my school years, sports class always revolved around volleyball, football, basketball, or baseball, from 1st grade to 12th grade. I simply wasn't good at those ball-related sports. However, when it came to other activities like climbing or kickboxing, I excelled more than most of them. The rigid structure of school sports class fueled my self-sabotage and severely damaged my self-esteem. When I realized this, it really pissed me off. They forced us to repeat the same sports over and over again, preventing me from exploring other areas. So, if you're struggling with a negative self-image.

Today, my classmates are staying in their hometown, settling for soul-sucking jobs with low pay, and constantly complaining. They aren't even in good shape and are addicted to the internet.

So, I want you to question what led you to believe you're unworthy. Are they fair in their judgment? You might simply be in the wrong environment. Find your right field.

Are They Really Superior?

Often, we feel surrounded by people who seem superior. But let's address the elephant in the room - if they are not helping you grow, and they keep pulling you down, they are anything but superior.

Building Confidence - One Step at a Time

Man extends his arms wide shows his self-esteem

Set Small Goals And Achieve Them

Confidence building starts with setting achievable goals, no matter how small they may seem. For instance, set a goal to go for a run for 10 minutes. Checking off these small goals can work wonders for your self-esteem. As you ace these daily goals, challenge yourself a bit more. Set a bigger goal within a specific timeframe. Is this sound nonsense to you? Just do it. Maybe you're in a state where it's impossible to believe anything—I used to be like this. Everything seemed like it wouldn't work. But if you're reading this, it means you want to change yourself, right? Start by accomplishing small goals. It really builds up your confidence and self-esteem.

Believe In Yourself

You're the only one who knows yourself more than anybody else. Even your family member doesn't know as much as you do. So, if you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect others to? Believing in yourself is the secret recipe for success. Take the example of Floyd Mayweather Jr. He's absolute confidence in his boxing career. His belief in himself and dedication to his work kept him undefeated for over 20 years and helped him bag numerous champion belts. In essence, believing in your efforts and dedication builds your confidence. If you can't believe in yourself yet. Do the most important thing over and over, invest a significant amount of time in your priority, until you build unbreakable confidence in your area.

Fake It Till You Make It - Yes or No?

Is it worth pretending till you make it big? Well, it depends on how you perceive it. Rather than faking it, it's about convincing yourself about your capabilities. If you aspire to succeed, remind yourself of that aspiration when you find yourself being distracted.


Low self-esteem can be a tough battle, but it's not impossible to overcome. It starts with addressing your insecurities, setting small and achievable goals, and most importantly, believing in yourself. Remember, it's okay to have days of self-doubt, but what's not okay is to let those days define you.

I hope this article helps you. If you find this post valuable, please share this with your friends who need to hear it.


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