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Are You Afraid of Other's Eyes? You Don't Have to Be Liked

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Do you ever find yourself constantly worried about the perceptions of others? It's quite natural as humans, we are social creatures after all. But what happens when this concern turns into an overwhelming fear? A fear so strong that it suppresses your true self, and you end up living someone's expectations instead of being true to yourself. This article is a gentle reminder to live your life and understand why you don't have to be liked by everyone.

The Fear of Social Perception: The Social Anxiety

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The School of Conformity

Reflecting back to our school days, most of us can recall moments when we hesitated to voice our unique opinions, fearing rejection or ridicule. The unwritten societal rule often implies that if you're not part of the majority, you're likely wrong. But is it truly the case?

The Expectation Trap

It's important to question - whether are we living our lives authentically or merely conforming to someone else's expectations. When we hide our honest views and feelings, we're not genuinely living our lives. It's more like a performance, a portrayal of what others want us to be.

The Impossibility of Universal Acceptance

Consider this - you have a diverse group of friends. Have you ever pondered over the thought that voicing your honest opinion might offend some of them? The harsh reality is that it's impossible for everyone in this world to like you. Even the most charismatic celebrities, with their appealing looks and personalities, have their fair share of haters. They might seem perfect, but there's always a group of people who dislike them for various reasons.

Living Your Life - Not Someone's

The moment you begin to live someone's expectations, you end up surrounded by the wrong crowd. If people can't accept your true self and choose to dislike you for your viewpoints or actions, it's better to part ways. It might be difficult initially, but remember, you're simply letting go of the wrong people. The ones who stay are your real friends, accepting, and appreciating your true self.

The Art of Not Caring Inappropriately

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Understanding the importance of living authentically is one thing, but truly embracing it can be challenging. It can be daunting to show your true self, especially in an environment like a school or an office. Consider the worst-case scenario - if people despise you, and discuss you behind your back, what's the actual impact? They're just a small part of your vast world. If you change schools or jobs, you probably won't see them again.

Courage to Be Yourself

The key to overcoming this fear is to practice courage. It might seem difficult initially, but as with anything else, with practice, it becomes more comfortable. An excellent way to start living your life is by traveling. Meeting new people, especially those who aren't from your hometown, gives you the opportunity to be yourself without any repercussions. If things don't work out well, you won't see them again. It's a perfect platform to practice being your authentic self.

The Right Circle

When you start expressing your genuine self, some people might drift away but others will stay. This is how you cultivate a circle of genuine supporters - people who embrace your true self and support you for who you are.


In conclusion, Live your life. Embrace your individuality and let go of the fear of not being liked by everyone. The journey toward self-acceptance and authenticity might be challenging, but it's definitely worth it. So, start today.

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