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Increase Your Calisthenics Grip Strength: Get a Strong Grip

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

A man doing pull-ups at the park during a snowy winter, dressed in warm winter clothing.

Grip strength and forearm strength are crucial when it comes to calisthenics. Do you have experience being able to perform more pull-up repetitions but losing grip energy, preventing you from holding onto the bar? It's time to focus on grip training. Enhancing your grip strength will take your calisthenics skills to the next level.

Why Grip Strength is Important in Calisthenics?

Calisthenics, a bodyweight workout regimen, requires significant grip strength. Whether pull-ups, muscle-ups, or static holds, grip plays a decisive role. If you've ever been stuck unable to perform an extra pull-up because of grip fatigue, you know the frustration!

Towel Pull-ups: A Grip Strength Builder

First on our list is the towel pull-up, an excellent workout to increase your calisthenics grip strength. Here's how you do it:

  1. Grab two towels or one large towel and hang them over the bar.

  2. Grip the towels and perform your pull-ups as usual.

Towel pull-ups are more challenging than regular pull-ups, activating your forearms significantly and boosting your grip strength. Another advantage of towel pull-ups is that your hands won't get dirty. Some bars can be rusted and dirty, but by grabbing towels, you won't experience the uncomfortable feeling of a metal smell.

You can add this exercise to your pull workout routine and definitely see noticeable improvements in your forearm size and grip strength.

Hanging on the Bar: Simple Yet Effective

Next, we have the seemingly simple exercise of hanging on the bar. Though it might sound easy, it's an effective workout for enhancing grip endurance.

  • Start by hanging on the bar for one minute.

  • As your grip strengthens, push your hanging time beyond one minute.

Breaking through the two-minute mark of hanging on the bar is quite challenging. Once achieved, you have above-average grip endurance. You can add this exercise to the end of your pull-day routine for optimal results.

Add this exercise to the end of your pull-day routine for optimal results.

One-arm Hanging: A Challenge for Your Grip

One-arm hanging on the bar is a variation of the regular two-arm hang, and it's a great way to boost both your calisthenics grip strength and endurance.

To perform this exercise, simply hang from the bar using one arm and switch arms every few seconds. This exercise is a requirement for achieving a one-arm pull-up.

For further progress, aim to perform at least 10 reps of a one-arm scapula shrug from the one-arm hanging position.


Improving grip strength is essential for boosting your calisthenics performance. Incorporate the exercises mentioned above into your workout routine, and you'll experience improved grip strength and endurance. So, grab that bar and start working on your calisthenics grip strength today!

Remember, the journey to improved calisthenics grip strength is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient with yourself, and celebrate your progress along the way!


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