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Are Men Becoming Weaker in Modern Day?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Masculine man fighter

Short answer, yes. Perhaps you've stumbled upon discussions or debates about men and the changing perception of masculinity in today's world. In this discourse, I'll share my observations and thoughts on this intriguing topic.

Declining Testosterone Level

It's no secret that male testosterone levels have been on a downward spiral in recent decades. In the 1970s and early 1980s, men boasted testosterone levels around 625 ng/dl. Flash forward to the period between 2013 and 2016, the average testosterone level plummeted to 420 ng/dl.

The Testosterone Puzzle

Now, you might ask, why the drastic dip in testosterone? Aren't our diets far healthier than what people consumed 50 years ago? While there might be multiple factors at play, remember, I am no scientist or researcher. Hence, consider these musings as perspectives of a man navigating his self-improvement journey, rather than scientific facts.

The Chemical Culprit

A glance at the ingredients list in your local supermarket might reveal additives you can't even pronounce. Odds are, these additives were non-existent half a century ago. Even our fruits and vegetables come swathed in plastic, laden with BPA - a compound notorious for lowering testosterone levels. And let's not forget the agricultural chemicals or pesticides. Our daily products like shampoo, body soap, sunscreen, etc., are tainted with phthalates and parabens, all neatly packaged in plastic. In essence, we're swimming in a sea of harmful chemicals, all chipping away at our testosterone.

If you're keen on diving deeper into the estrogenic effects and how they sabotage our testosterone, here's a book you might find enlightening.

The Historical Perspective

Rewind 500 years, and you'll find human societies frequently embroiled in conflict. The unpredictability of warfare or treachery naturally increased testosterone levels to boost strength.

Are We Becoming Less Aggressive?

Calm man chilling on the beach

While aggression is hardly a desirable trait, think about the era your parents and grandparents lived in. Weren't there more skirmishes, gangs, and protests? Laws might have become stricter, and gang-related crimes might have dwindled (particularly in Japan), but the law can't deter people from instigating fights.

A Decline in Physical Confrontations

In my parents' era, teenage gangs were commonplace in Japan, and fights were almost an everyday event. But in today's world, those labeled as the "bad" guys resort more to cyberbullying than physical combat. This is not to glorify gang culture or promote aggression, merely to highlight that physical confrontations are less frequent in today's society.

People now lean towards underhanded tactics over face-to-face confrontations, a trend I believe has been nurtured by modern society. For instance, in Japan, students used to protest against schools, employees would strike, and people would demonstrate against the government. Since I was born, I haven't heard of any student protests in Japan. Yet, I don't think schools have improved. People are conditioned from a young age to suppress their voices. I was told that speaking up and standing my ground was wrong. Even teachers seem to be losing their spark.

The Quest for Strength

Every man harbors a desire to be strong. But modern society appears to be holding us back. If you're plagued by internet addiction, it's high time you conquer it. I've penned a post on overcoming internet addiction today, and if you're wrestling with constant distractions, I have another post that might help.

The Martial Arts Advantage

Boxer fighting in the ring

If you've never been in a fight, consider learning a martial art. Engaging in combat can bolster your testosterone levels and stir up adrenaline. Taking a punch to the face might be daunting, especially if it's your first time, but learning to fight is certainly worth it. Personally, I am partial to combat martial arts. Facing your fear and taking a hit to the face can catalyze your growth as a man.


In essence, it's time for us to reassess the direction in which modern society is nudging us. Could it be the reason behind the declining masculinity in men? Is it making us weaker? Or is it pushing us towards a new definition of strength and masculinity? The answers remain to be seen. But one thing is certain - it's time we took control and steered ourselves toward the path of true strength and resilience. After all, the essence of a man lies in his unwavering spirit and indomitable will.


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