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Why You Shouldn't Be Available All the Time

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

A guy crossing his arm to express saying no

Understanding the value of your time is crucial to creating a balanced, fulfilling life. One common mistake we tend to make is constantly being available, whether it's answering every phone call, accepting every invitation, or even saying yes to tasks that are not within our scope of responsibilities. This article explores why it's necessary to stop being available all the time and how to navigate the delicate art of saying no.

The True Value of Time

Time is an irreplaceable resource. Even millionaires can't purchase more of it. They make significant amounts of money and they know if they waste their time they could potentially lose millions of dollars. Like them, every moment you waste is a potential loss, not necessarily in monetary terms, but in terms of opportunities and self-growth.

Your Time Worth More Than Hourly Wage

Your time's worth isn't just your hourly wage; it's way more than that. Consider this: if you were to assign a monetary value to your time, it would be far greater than what most people estimate. This is because your time isn't just about earning money. But also about personal growth, happiness, and fulfilling your goals.

Think Big; How Much Is Your Hourly Wage?

I want you to think big, million dollars per hour is maybe unrealistic for now, but even current statement, your time is valued at least $300 per hour, let's say. When you hang out with random friends who don't bring any value. Basically, you're losing money. If you have ambitious goals, prioritize what is most important to you, and concentrate on that thing.

"Remember, your time is way more valuable than you think."

The Risk of Constant Availability

The paper says I  am available

In certain cultures, like Japan, there's a stereotype of being available for work-related calls or messages even outside of working hours. This also includes accepting invitations for after-work drinks or working overtime on weekends. Although this may seem like dedication, it's counterproductive.

Don't Try to Be Liked By Everyone

It's ridiculous. In most cases, they're not worth spending time with. But a lot of Japanese workers pick up a phone call from their boss and say yes to extra hours of working on the weekend or attending drinking events. Trying to be liked by them. What a waste of time, seriously. If you think they're great people like your mentor, and you can learn something related to your goal, go ahead and spend time with them. But in most cases, people don't want to work on weekends and waste time drinking with random people.

Being Always Available Doesn't Equate to Being Productive

Every time you pick up a call or respond to a message outside of your working hours, you're showing them that you're always ready to work, regardless of the time. This could result in your boss taking advantage of your availability, thereby disrespecting your personal time and your value.

Don't let them screw up your future.

Learning to Say No

Once you've decided to respect your time, you may encounter resistance, especially from those accustomed to your constant availability. Turning down invitations or requests can feel uncomfortable, particularly if you're used to saying yes. But remember, you don't need to be liked by everyone.

Real supporters will understand and respect your decision. They will stay by your side even when you start prioritizing your time.

The Art of Time Management

Clock is losing time

Remember, even millionaires can't buy time. We all live in the same moment, and the way we choose to spend our time can significantly impact our lives. Using your time wisely is not just about efficiency; it's about making sure that every moment counts.

Being constantly available is like sabotaging your future.

Do not tolerate toxic behaviors that waste your time. After all, you eventually become the sum of what you tolerate.


It's essential to stop being available all the time. Recognize the true value of your time and learn to say no when necessary. Prioritize your goals and make every moment count. Remember, time is the one resource you can't get back, so use it wisely.

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