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6 Habits That Make Men Unattractive

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Disapproving man expressing a thumbs-down gesture to signify unattractive behavior

In our quest to be the best version of ourselves, we often overlook certain habits that can detract from our appeal. Here, we enumerate seven such behaviors that, despite their seeming insignificance, can detract from your attractiveness. This is not to criticize, but to guide and inspire improvement.

1. Chewing With Mouth Open

"We eat with our eyes and ears as much as our mouths."

Remember this saying next time you sit down to a meal. Eating with your mouth open and making noise can be a turn-off, no matter how perfect the rest of you are. This habit can ruin your whole image and make those around you uncomfortable. Reflect on your own experiences. Have you ever been around someone who eats noisily? How did it affect your perception of them?

2. Mouth Breathing

Because those mouth breather opens their mouth all the time. Do you find a good impression on someone who opens their mouth all the time? Habitual mouth breathing can lead to a less appealing facial structure, such as a narrow upper jaw and a protruding lower lip. This can also affect your muscle tone.

If you catch yourself mouth breathing, consider focusing on your tongue posture and making a conscious effort to breathe through your nose. This can not only improve your facial structure but also break the habit of constantly keeping your mouth open, enhancing your overall appeal.

3. Short Temper

A person who is easily angered and frequently loses their cool can come across as childish and exhausting to be around. Self-control is a virtue and a sign of maturity. If we cannot control our anger, what can we control?

Shot Temper While Driving

There is a Japanese saying "Driving can reveal one's true personality". Getting mad frequently while driving the car makes other people tired of staying with that person. The choice is clear: would you rather spend time with someone who is always angry or someone who is always cheerful?

4. Excessive Phone Use

Constantly staring at the phone screen, especially with poor posture, can indicate an unhealthy dependency on technology. There are some people using phones literally all the time. This can affect your interactions with others and your overall presence.

5. Not Physically Active

A complete absence of exercise or sports would make one look like an unhealthy individual. I'm not saying you should exercise or sports every day, but at least once a week. Imagine, someone lounging on a couch, glued to their phone – Is this attractiveness? Physical activity not only enhances physique but also contributes to mental health.

6. Always Starts Conversation With Condemnination or Opposition

Consistently starting conversations by criticizing or contradicting others can be off-putting. This behavior can make interactions predictable and draining. And we can anticipate that person's negative reaction. After all, who wants to spend time with someone who is always negative?

Wrapping up, this guide is not meant to criticize but to promote self-awareness and improvement. Recognize if you are guilty of any of these habits and make a conscious effort to change for the better. Remember, attractiveness is not just about physical appearance but also about behavior and attitude.


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